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Register For Our July Program
The Operation GO Program will feature Sneaker Creation, Video Production, Graphic/Clothing Design, Music Production & App Development. The experience begins April 12th. Register by April 8th!
Sneaker Creation 
In our day and age people are in love with Sneakers. So much so that the term "Sneaker Head" was created. People are willing to spend upwards of $200 to $300 on sneakers that will lose value instantly. Our program teaches your child how to design their custom sneaker using professional 3D rendering software. Once their designs are complete, we will then manufacture those designs. This will allow them to walk away with their very own 3D Printed sneakers with the opportunity to have a real pair created.
Video Production
In a world where TV, social media, YouTube controls the air waves, its becoming more clear that the media industry is forever changing and growing. Students in this program will work together to create their own documentary/TV Show/Commercial. Your Child will have the opportunity to use professional video cameras, lights, sliders, tripods, audio recording equipment and so much more.
Music Production
This program will teach your child the ins and outs of the music industry. Your child will learn how to use professional equipment, software and work with a professional producer. They will walk away from the program with a beat or song that they produce.
Graphic/Clothing Design
In our Clothing Design Program we will teach your child the ins and out of the industry. We help them understand the software used to design their own logos, colors, shapes and any other aspect of designing. Your child will be given the opportunity to develop their own clothing line and have their designs manufactured. Your child will walk away from the program wearing their own designs.

Key Elements
• The ins-and-outs of Photoshop & Illustrator
• The different materials needed to create their own outfits
• The design aspect of clothing design
• Marketing
• The business behind the industry
• Presentation/Public Speaking
App Development
The Web/ App Development teaches students how to create websites and Apps. The students will leave the program with a Published website or an App that will be available on the App store.

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